Applied Behavioral Science, The Sequel

What is Behavioral Science? What are some principles that are commonly applicable in the market research context? How does Ipsos leverage Behavioral Science in designing, analyzing, interpreting and activating customer experience research?

Youth of the Nation Poll India

India’s highest rated news app Inshorts in association with Ipsos, has released the findings of the second edition of a large opinion poll – Youth of the Nation Poll.

Brands Don’t Buy Brands – People Do

Brands exist in a constantly changing world and, at the same time, human behaviour is undergoing a revolution – which makes it challenging to manage a brand. In the end, in order for brands to grow they need to attract more people, more easily and more often. Yet, how can you ensure that more people will buy your brand more often and more easily?

Understanding India’s Affluentials

New research shows that 87% of the mass affluent in India are on Twitter and use it on a regular basis.