African Lions: the Urban Middle Class

UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing has partnered with Ipsos to uncover a mass of information about a market that makes up more than 100 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa – the Urban Middle Class.

The Role of Surveys in the Age of Behavioural Science

A challenge that market research is increasingly facing is why, in a world where behavioural science apparently suggests that are limits to what consumers tell us, do we continue to ask questions?

The Age of the Algorithm

This new white paper examines how data science techniques are being used in media measurement to provide clients with better quality information, while keeping the burden on respondents to a minimum.

Reality Check – Drive Growth, by Understanding the Reality of How People Choose Brands

We explore why basing your brand evaluation around people – and the reality of how they choose brands – can help you identify and pursue the best strategy for growth.

What Worries the World?

The everyday concerns of the global population are the focus of one of Ipsos’ flagship global surveys. Each month we ask an online sample of over 18,000 citizens in more than 25 countries1 about the key issues they believe are facing their country, asking them to pick up to three from a diverse array of topics, ranging from unemployment to access to credit.

Applied Behavioral Science, The Sequel

What is Behavioral Science? What are some principles that are commonly applicable in the market research context? How does Ipsos leverage Behavioral Science in designing, analyzing, interpreting and activating customer experience research?

Ipsos SMX 2017 #Charity Water Campaign

663 million people in the world live without clean water.

Brand Risk in the New Age of Populism

In an era where politics often overtakes the best cared-for brands, how do responsible stewards prepare their organizations to navigate ideological consumers?

Accelerate Brand Decision-Making

In real life, are you ready to move from monumental decisions to increamental decisions?

Incremental Versus Monumental Decision-Making

How to Keep Up with the Pace of Business in the New Reality – In this article, we will describe an alternative incremental approach to decision-making that keeps up with the pace of business in today’s rapidly and fundamentally changing world.