An Efficient Alternative to Concept Optimization

We are all familiar with the empirical tools used to evaluate concepts, optimize the words and phrases, and forecast sales. But these fail to examine it from a real life perspective: what do consumers want from the concept or, more specifically, what is the best combination of elements to include in a concept? Read this paper for exciting details about an alternative optimization solution that doesn’t favor close-in ideas and actually rewards uniqueness.

How to Make your Packaging Stand Out?

Sometimes called the fifth ‘P’ of marketing (along with product, price, promotion & place), packaging rose from being a simple commodity, a ‘necessary evil’ allowing the product to reach supermarket shelves and ultimately consumers, to become a powerful marketing tool in its own right, especially among FMCGs.

Join Ipsos InnoQuest at ESOMAR Asia Pacific

Ipsos InnoQuest will be speaking at the upcoming ESOMAR Asia Pacific conference, which will take place May 11th – 13th in Jakarta.

Zou san, too busy for breakfast?

According to the latest Ipsos global survey among consumers in 26 countries, foods from a wide variety of regions or cultures are now favoured at home – including artisanal or retro food and foreign brands, among others.

Hong Kong has a diverse culture and an East-meets-West character. Its hustle and bustle lifestyle is probably one of Hong Kong’s claims to fame aside skyscrapers and shopping paradise.

Global consumers crave foreign fare and handmade care

Foods from different regions or cultures – as well as artisanal foods – were the top choices among global consumers who were asked to express their interest in a variety of unique food products to be eaten at home.

However, local palettes proved to be quite unique, with our food choices piquing different levels of interest from different countries.

How to Identify Great Ideas Before your Competitors

If you’ve worked in new product development long enough, you’ve probably had to defend soundly researched ideas that didn’t seem very inspirational, but hey, they tested well. Or, you might have found yourself in the awkward position of trying to explain how a product that didn’t test well tuned into a runaway success.

InnoQuest – InnoSpark on Unique Foods

Ipsos InnoQuest asked consumers from 26 countries which foods they were most interested in eating at home, given a choice of unique food options – including artisanal foods, retro foods, and restaurant brands, among others. Read more

October – New Ipsos Archetypes Offer Deeper Insight into CPG Innovations

To help marketers better gauge the success potential of their latest innovations, Ipsos InnoQuest, the innovation and forecasting experts at Ipsos, has developed a new Archetype IQ System for classifying consumer packaged goods innovations into 12 Archetype profiles.