The Age of the Algorithm

This new white paper examines how data science techniques are being used in media measurement to provide clients with better quality information, while keeping the burden on respondents to a minimum.

Affluent Survey Asia 2016

Ipsos Connect organised two launch events for the 2016 Affluent Survey Asia Pacific, in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The study provides a comprehensive overview of media consumption and product usage for this elusive and important group, which accounts for the top 18% by income of the population in the region.

Ipsos Connect Launches Connect:Live

With advertisers spending more of their campaign budgets in online video and Facebook growing rapidly as a preferred platform, Ipsos Connect has developed Connect:Live to help clients select the best creative to launch and measure the brand impact of their live campaign buys.

Micro-Target or Target Everyone? Balancing Reach with Precision in Your Media Strategy

What is the best way to get the right amount of reach but also the right precision? Some marketers are seduced by the promise of micro-targeted precision through digital media spend. Others go broad and target everyone. What is the right balance for your brand? Frustrating though it may be – the answer is “it depends”.

Tim Farmer – Global Managing Director Ipsos MediaCell

Connect division where he will lead the deployment of MediaCell, the Ipsos breakthrough approach to electronic TV and Radio audience measurement.

Ipsos Launches Ipsos Connect

Paris, February 26, 2015 – Ipsos is pleased to announce the launch of Ipsos Connect, a global specialized business to coordinate Ipsos’ services in the domains of Brand Communication, Advertising and Media. Ipsos Connect amalgamates the legacy brands of Ipsos ASI and Ipsos MediaCT.