5 Golden Rules for Sticky Apps

New apps and digital services are easy to try. Success, however, is elusive for digital services. You must stand out among 2+ million available Apps and keep users coming back in order to create a sustainable business model. What makes some Apps sticky while others are never seen?

Feeling Tense? Good, Let’s Innovate!

I recently facilitated an innovation workshop at a client and things got tense… really tense. And I couldn’t have been happier. We’ll get back to how that’s done in a moment, but let’s start by defining what a tension is.

The Most Common Innovation Mistake to Avoid

One of my favorite questions to ask clients is, “What does the term ‘innovation’ mean to your organization?”

Empathy is key to business innovation

Innovation is key to a business’s ongoing success. But many are not certain about how to make innovation happen.

Everybody knows what empathy is – walking in someone else’s shoes, feeling what other’s feel, to “get” where they are coming from. So when it comes to business research, ethnography is the best way to understand consumers’ feelings and behavior as a function of their cultural context.

How to Identify Great Ideas Before your Competitors

If you’ve worked in new product development long enough, you’ve probably had to defend soundly researched ideas that didn’t seem very inspirational, but hey, they tested well. Or, you might have found yourself in the awkward position of trying to explain how a product that didn’t test well tuned into a runaway success.

October – New Ipsos Archetypes Offer Deeper Insight into CPG Innovations

To help marketers better gauge the success potential of their latest innovations, Ipsos InnoQuest, the innovation and forecasting experts at Ipsos, has developed a new Archetype IQ System for classifying consumer packaged goods innovations into 12 Archetype profiles.