Reality Check – Drive Growth, by Understanding the Reality of How People Choose Brands

We explore why basing your brand evaluation around people – and the reality of how they choose brands – can help you identify and pursue the best strategy for growth.

Ipsos Encyclopedia – Brand Equity

The many definitions for Brand Equity cover similar ground.


The many definitions for Brand Equity cover similar ground. At its simplest, Brand Equity is a measure of a brand’s current health, strength or ability to generate sales, or usage, among its target audience. A more complex and financially-based definition of Brand Equity, is the “net present value of the profit stream management expects the brand to generate through time.”

Side-by-Side Intelligence: The Power of Social Data in Managing Brand Equity

Andrew Leary (Ipsos SMX) and John Hallward (Ipsos Connect) have co-authored a new Point of View called Side-by-Side Intelligence, an approach which consists in harmonizing social data with survey-based data.

Based on the premise that social data and survey data come from very different sources and that they are not intended to align, Side-by-Side Intelligence is a hybrid blend of Brand Health Tracking and Social Intelligence.