It’s About Time: Measuring the Impact of Advertising

Advertisers need cross-platform and cross-media metrics. Reach and frequency have long been at the heart of media trading and media evaluation. Yet the link between these metrics and potential exposure and cut through varies between and across media.

Digital Advertising – Measure the Metrics That Matter

Many studies have shown no link between sales and click through rate, yet according to eMarketer it is one of the top 5 ways in which advertisers and publishers evaluate native mobile ad campaigns. Marketers need to be clear on their desired brand impact and the role of communications to help achieve this.

Building Stronger Brands

Brands exist in a constantly changing world. But the role brands play in people’s lives has not changed and people themselves change more slowly.

There is ample evidence to show that, even when conditions are in constant flux, the way humans gather and process information and make choices is more constant. For businesses, understanding people provides a relatively stable strategic anchor. There are also significant new approaches based on neuroscience and behavioural psychology that mean we know more about human decision processes than ever before.

Emotion, Attention and Memory in Advertising

How can brand campaigns leverage the interplay of attention, memory and emotion to influence people’s choices? We have always known that stories with the ability to stir our emotions get remembered. They also have the capacity to influence our behaviour.

Ipsos Connect Launches Connect:Live

With advertisers spending more of their campaign budgets in online video and Facebook growing rapidly as a preferred platform, Ipsos Connect has developed Connect:Live to help clients select the best creative to launch and measure the brand impact of their live campaign buys.

The Many Faces of Modern Motherhood

Successful marketing and advertising to mums is constantly hindered by brand focussed research, mundane pointless segmentation studies, simplistic assumptions and generic insights. All of which lead to an inaccurate representation of motherhood. Ipsos Connect recently partnered with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to produce some innovative research for the annual Mumsnet conference Mumstock. We found there was a huge raft of identities which mums said defined their outlook and behaviour giving us an insight into how much the ‘universalistic’ understanding of motherhood has dissipated to be replaced with a ‘particularised’ definition of motherhood in the UK.

Future of TV – The evolution of TV everywhere

A master of reinvention, TV has consistently changed over time to embrace new technology and meet the evolving needs of audiences and consumers. Now, with content that follows you, more seamless interplay between screens, personalisation and deeper levels of immersion, the future of TV looks more exciting than ever. Collaboration with other media will be key, to ensure audiences can continue to be reached with the right content on the right device, in the moments that matter.

Big Data and Market Research

Derek Tan, Research Director at Ipsos Hong Kong, talks about Big Data and its impact on Market Research.

Turning celebrity endorsements into a valuable investment

In an era of modern advertising, endorsement is no longer asking a super star to appear on TV, telling the audience how good the product is. Nowadays, it is more about generating cut-through, triggering re-transmission, and persuading consumers they could experience the brand as the celebrity did.

It is about integrating the celebrity into your current marketing strategy – and especially your branding – via matching brand personality with target segment.