Effective Communications Begin with the Brand

We all remember great ads. But do we remember what they were trying to sell us?
This is the No. 1 aim for advertising, But, surprisingly, many marketers don’t achieve it.
Marketers must start with the brand in the earliest conception stage, and weave it throughout the storyline architecture at opportune points. There are several tried and true techniques to ensure success.

The Path from Ad Blocking Purgatory to Programmatic Nirvana

Programmatic buying has led to a revolution in advertising. However, online users are now being presented with more ad-cluttered sites and, as a result, are turning to ad blocking software.

The Many Faces of Modern Motherhood

Successful marketing and advertising to mums is constantly hindered by brand focussed research, mundane pointless segmentation studies, simplistic assumptions and generic insights. All of which lead to an inaccurate representation of motherhood. Ipsos Connect recently partnered with advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to produce some innovative research for the annual Mumsnet conference Mumstock. We found there was a huge raft of identities which mums said defined their outlook and behaviour giving us an insight into how much the ‘universalistic’ understanding of motherhood has dissipated to be replaced with a ‘particularised’ definition of motherhood in the UK.