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Ipsos Delivers a Curated Insight Ecosystem With Newly Launched Insight Cloud


Paris, 17 May 2016 – In a digital age awash with information, business leaders need intelligence beyond data to drive success. Recognising a growing need to find relevant information and make sense of it, Ipsos has developed the Insight Cloud, an ‘always on’ socialised intelligence platform. The cloud-based solution facilitates the curation of insights from multiple sources and reinvents how insights are connected, shared and activated within a client organisation.

“Our industry is changing,” said Jacquie Matthews, CEO of Ipsos UU. “In this era of data ubiquity, we need to deliver more than information to our clients. What they need is a source for inspiration. Our curation on the Insight Cloud is all about leveraging technology, and most importantly, the right people, to make sense of this information and turn it into insights that fuel creativity, innovation and winning ideas.”

Press Release

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