Ipsos Marketing

Bubble_233We help marketers understand their markets, innovate and build their brand portfolio and maximize sales to get the best return on their investments. Ipsos Marketing delivers research to help you understand your markets, build your brand portfolio, and maximize sales opportunities. Our specialists help you size and segment your sector, using unique Vantis tools to give you the edge.Our teams are marketing experts. They are uncompromising in their commitment to deep thinking and thorough analysis.

Ipsos MarketQuest

We help clients understand consumers, shoppers and markets, differentiate their brands, optimize their distribution and allocate their Marketing expenditures and much more.

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Innovation & Forecasting

Working end-to-end across the entire innovation process, we help you identify winning ideas earlier and maximize their potential.

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We help you understand the motivations, interactions and influences of the multiple stakeholders who impact commercial success un the healthcare industry.

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Understanding Unlimited (UU)

A collaborative team of unique individuals who share a passion for Bringing Life to life. Ipsos UU is founded on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and built for change.

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InnoQuest – InnoSpark on Unique Foods

What do consumers crave when eating at home? Ipsos InnoQuest asked consumers from 26 countries which foods they were most interested in eating at home, given a choice of unique food options – including artisanal foods, retro foods, and restaurant brands, among others. Download our latest InnoSpark to find out the answers – and contact […]

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Insight Cloud

Ipsos Insight Cloud is a collaborative learning network that delivers curated insight for inspiration. Insight Cloud is an ‘always on’ social intelligence platform that nurtures curated insights from multiple sources and reinvents how these insights are connected, socialized and activated. It is a cloud-based solution that allows multiple stakeholders to engage, ideate and collaborate on […]

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