5 Forces That Shape Behaviour

The experts at Ipsos have created an introduction to the five key personal forces that shape behaviour. Watch it here.

Ipsos HK Event – PEEL

Ipsos PEEL is about going beneath the surface – to the techniques Ipsos is pursuing and the concepts we are exploring to discover fresh knowledge and insights that can inform better decisions and drive business growth.

Ipsos Attitude & Usage Approach

We Are Ipsos

We are proud to have conducted Research for over forty years. Our ambition is to make Ipsos the partner for all those who want to understand in depth their audiences, markets, and the fast-evolving world.  We aim at making our business one of the major keys to understand society and the modern economy. This is […]

Video: The Insight Cloud

The Insight Cloud is an ‘always on’ social intelligence platform created specifically for clients to access, store, curate, connect, visualize, nurture and socialize insights. It is a cloud based solution to allow all of your cross-functional team members, market research suppliers and agencies to share and co-create against the best ideas, bringing visibility to the most impactful learning.

Video: Ipsos Global @dvisor

Ipsos Global @dvisor Monthly Syndicate Service is a 24 country, online, monthly syndicated research service used to generate information for media and clients. Every month, we complete 500 to 1,000 online interviews per country.

Video: Ipsos UU – Bringing Life to Life

Real People don’t always act real. They lie, pretend and imagine. But that’s OK – there are ‘layers’ of truth, and each layer tells a story. So to understand Real People we need to jolt them out of autopilot, take them out of their comfort zone and unearth their instinct.
We call this HOT research.

Video: What is ViewsCast?

Richard Korn, APAC Director for ViewsCast, tells more about Ipsos’ Voice of the Customer solution.

Video: China Luxury Forecast on ATV’s Money World program

Simon Tye, Executive Director for Ipsos Loyalty in Hong Kong, presents latest China Luxury Forecast on ATV’s Money World program.

Big Data and Market Research

Derek Tan, Research Director at Ipsos Hong Kong, talks about Big Data and its impact on Market Research.