What Worries the World?

The everyday concerns of the global population are the focus of one of Ipsos’ flagship global surveys. Each month we ask an online sample of over 18,000 citizens in more than 25 countries1 about the key issues they believe are facing their country, asking them to pick up to three from a diverse array of topics, ranging from unemployment to access to credit.

Applied Behavioral Science, The Sequel

What is Behavioral Science? What are some principles that are commonly applicable in the market research context? How does Ipsos leverage Behavioral Science in designing, analyzing, interpreting and activating customer experience research?

Make your Brand Rock-5 Tips to Rock your Communications

It has never been tougher for brands to touch and move people. We all experience it. Globalisation has resulted in multiplying brands. With digitisation, more content is developed for more channels. How can you make your brand rock? Here are five lessons Ipsos has learned from investigating successful – and not so successful – brand communications.

Understanding Society – A Healthy Understanding?

This international review covers a range of health issues including patient experience and expectations, behavioural interventions, the importance of health literacy, and the opportunities and challenges of ageing populations.

An Efficient Alternative to Concept Optimization

We are all familiar with the empirical tools used to evaluate concepts, optimize the words and phrases, and forecast sales. But these fail to examine it from a real life perspective: what do consumers want from the concept or, more specifically, what is the best combination of elements to include in a concept? Read this paper for exciting details about an alternative optimization solution that doesn’t favor close-in ideas and actually rewards uniqueness.

Accelerate Brand Decision-Making

In real life, are you ready to move from monumental decisions to increamental decisions?

It’s About Time: Measuring the Impact of Advertising

Advertisers need cross-platform and cross-media metrics. Reach and frequency have long been at the heart of media trading and media evaluation. Yet the link between these metrics and potential exposure and cut through varies between and across media.

China Automotive Aftersales Industry

China’s boom has meant dramatic growth in passenger vehicle sales, with its large population providing vast potential for continued increases in the future. These rising numbers mean growth in related industries, such as repairs and maintenance as well as auto finance, car beauty and modification, and secondhand sales.

Effective Communications Begin with the Brand

We all remember great ads. But do we remember what they were trying to sell us?
This is the No. 1 aim for advertising, But, surprisingly, many marketers don’t achieve it.
Marketers must start with the brand in the earliest conception stage, and weave it throughout the storyline architecture at opportune points. There are several tried and true techniques to ensure success.

Brands Don’t Buy Brands – People Do

Brands exist in a constantly changing world and, at the same time, human behaviour is undergoing a revolution – which makes it challenging to manage a brand. In the end, in order for brands to grow they need to attract more people, more easily and more often. Yet, how can you ensure that more people will buy your brand more often and more easily?