Chinese International Travel Monitor 2017

This is the sixth edition of the™ Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM), which takes a comprehensive look at the impact on global travel by mainland Chinese travelers.

Using Social Intelligence for a Sharper Vision of Your Brand and Category

Marketers need to understand their category’s dynamics to optimally position themselves and compete effectively. To do this, they must get the consumer’s perspective – because consumers, not industries, are defining today’s markets.

African Lions: the Urban Middle Class

UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing has partnered with Ipsos to uncover a mass of information about a market that makes up more than 100 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa – the Urban Middle Class.

The Role of Surveys in the Age of Behavioural Science

A challenge that market research is increasingly facing is why, in a world where behavioural science apparently suggests that are limits to what consumers tell us, do we continue to ask questions?

Identifying Opportunities Within ASEAN’s Universal Healthcare Programmes

The adoption of universal healthcare coverage has opened the door to new and long-lasting partnerships between national governments and healthcare providers of all kinds. As growing economies in Southeast Asia seek to modernise their healthcare coverage, three countries stand out for their strong potential as key markets within the industry.

The Age of the Algorithm

This new white paper examines how data science techniques are being used in media measurement to provide clients with better quality information, while keeping the burden on respondents to a minimum.

What Worries the World?

The everyday concerns of the global population are the focus of one of Ipsos’ flagship global surveys. Each month we ask an online sample of over 18,000 citizens in more than 25 countries1 about the key issues they believe are facing their country, asking them to pick up to three from a diverse array of topics, ranging from unemployment to access to credit.

Applied Behavioral Science, The Sequel

What is Behavioral Science? What are some principles that are commonly applicable in the market research context? How does Ipsos leverage Behavioral Science in designing, analyzing, interpreting and activating customer experience research?

Make your Brand Rock-5 Tips to Rock your Communications

It has never been tougher for brands to touch and move people. We all experience it. Globalisation has resulted in multiplying brands. With digitisation, more content is developed for more channels. How can you make your brand rock? Here are five lessons Ipsos has learned from investigating successful – and not so successful – brand communications.

Understanding Society – A Healthy Understanding?

This international review covers a range of health issues including patient experience and expectations, behavioural interventions, the importance of health literacy, and the opportunities and challenges of ageing populations.