Brand Purpose

Brand purpose is a strategic concept which provides a reason for a brand to exist beyond making a profit and encompasses the philosophy behind a brand, and what helps to drive it.
Brands with a purpose that feels too distant from people’s everyday lives may struggle to create those connections. A strong purpose will relate to people in all their spheres of concerns.

Ipsos Encyclopedia – Concept Testing

A concept test is the stage in the product development process where a detailed description of a product (and its attributes and benefits) is presented to prospective customers or users, to assess their attitudes and intentions toward the product.

What happened to the ‘L’ in Product Lifecycle Management?

Product Lifecycle Management – or PLM – was once heralded as the ultimate methodology for retail private brands, helping to create new products that consumers will love. Despite this, there are still too many that are below par by the time they reach the supermarket shelves.

Global View on World Water Day – Why Waste Water?

The theme for World Water Day 2017 is “Why waste water?” and is in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6.3 to improve water quality by reducing, treating and reusing wastewater.

Thailand 2017, Beyond the concerns.

As addressed in this Ipsos Flair report, Thailand is a country in mourning but it’s also a place where the prospect of hope and renewal exists, despite a weak economy.

Feminism And Gender Equality Around The World

On the eve of International Women’s Day, new data from Ipsos Global @dvisor shows that although the vast majority in 24 countries around the world say they believe men and women should be treated equally (88% on average), most still think the current situation is one of inequality in terms of social, political and/or economic rights (72% on average).

An Efficient Alternative to Concept Optimization

We are all familiar with the empirical tools used to evaluate concepts, optimize the words and phrases, and forecast sales. But these fail to examine it from a real life perspective: what do consumers want from the concept or, more specifically, what is the best combination of elements to include in a concept? Read this paper for exciting details about an alternative optimization solution that doesn’t favor close-in ideas and actually rewards uniqueness.

Incremental Versus Monumental Decision-Making

How to Keep Up with the Pace of Business in the New Reality – In this article, we will describe an alternative incremental approach to decision-making that keeps up with the pace of business in today’s rapidly and fundamentally changing world.

Great Expectations – Are Service Expectations Really Rising?

Are service expectations rising? Check out the Ipsos blog for more on the relationship between consumers’ assessment of a service encounter and their perception of the provider afterward.

Perceptions Are Not Reality: What the World Gets Wrong

Ipsos’ latest Perils of Perception survey highlights how wrong the public across 40 countries are about key global issues and features of the population in their country.