Ipsos Wins Gold at 2017 Market Research Agency Award in Hong Kong

For the second year in a row, we’ve been awarded Gold at the Agency of the Year awards, for Market Research agency of the year.

Ipsos SMX 2017 #Charity Water Campaign

663 million people in the world live without clean water.

Conquering Complexity: The Coming Revolution in Oncology Biomarker Testing

When it comes to the fight against cancer, we are on the cusp of a revolution. In this article, Pieter De Richter – Ipsos Healthcare’s Head of Oncology Molecular Diagnostics – explores how cancer treatment will change in the coming decades.

Brand Risk in the New Age of Populism

In an era where politics often overtakes the best cared-for brands, how do responsible stewards prepare their organizations to navigate ideological consumers?

The Millennial Influence in Asia – 2017

How Millennials of Asia will shape tomorrow’s payments landscape.

“African Women” Ipsos Study: Women as Key Drivers of the African Economy

Conducted in seven African countries, the study paints a picture of motivated, independent and optimistic women who are a driving force in this rapidly developing continent.

5 Golden Rules for Sticky Apps

New apps and digital services are easy to try. Success, however, is elusive for digital services. You must stand out among 2+ million available Apps and keep users coming back in order to create a sustainable business model. What makes some Apps sticky while others are never seen?

Socializing your Approach to Product Development & Testing

Market researchers are continually on the quest to understand how consumers react to varied stimuli (e.g., new ideas or concepts, new products, communications or advertising) and how those reactions might reflect in-market behaviors.

Feeling Tense? Good, Let’s Innovate!

I recently facilitated an innovation workshop at a client and things got tense… really tense. And I couldn’t have been happier. We’ll get back to how that’s done in a moment, but let’s start by defining what a tension is.

Brand Purpose

Brand purpose is a strategic concept which provides a reason for a brand to exist beyond making a profit and encompasses the philosophy behind a brand, and what helps to drive it.
Brands with a purpose that feels too distant from people’s everyday lives may struggle to create those connections. A strong purpose will relate to people in all their spheres of concerns.