Ad of the Month: The Power of Music

Some ad jingles are among the most contagious tunes ever produced. I recently re-discovered an old ad for 金龜嘜萬里望花生 (Sze Hing Loong Ladybird roasted & salted peanuts), the jingle from which had been looping in my head for a while, its catchy rhythm and simple lyrics still linking me back to the brand after such a long time.

Ad of the Month: Vita HK Style Coffee

Hong Kong’s obsession with imported consumable goods – especially among youngsters – doesn’t seem to fade. This Vita HK Style Coffee ad smartly plays on this trend, contrasting both the ‘Italia-no’ perception when it comes to coffee (Cappuccino, Latte etc) with local values (啡走).

Ad of the Month: Cafe de Coral

The recent Cafe de Coral ad featuring Dayo Wong is part of their repositioning plan. The ad highlights the important but always forgotten values in our everyday lives – create happiness and show your love to people around you.

Ad of the Month: Laneige Two Tone Bar

Korean beauty cosmetics and rituals continue to expand and as some may say, have emerged as a full-fledged phenomenon – with many expressing confidence that “K-Beauty” trends are set to grow even further this year. The Laneige Two Tone Bar is a perfect example of this growing trend.

Ad of the Month: Mitsubishi Electric’s 惠家仁 “Family Values”

Mitsubishi need to be congratulated for taking a risk in a category where, in HK, TV advertising has historically been product-driven to the point of being nearly indistinguishable from infomercials.