Ipsos in Hong Kong

We are committed to being the passionate, happy and fun team who clients turn to first for research insights and specialist expertise, such that we deliver extraordinary results. We are constantly growing.

  • Who we are – Founded in 1975, Ipsos is now one of the world‘s largest survey-based research groups and is headquartered in Paris, France. With companies in 87 countries and regions our research business covers over 100 countries all over the world.
  • Our approach – Globally, as well as in Asia Pacific, we deliver actionable insights based on research specializations. We know brands, how to develop them and how to build them. We assess market potential and interpret market trends. We help our clients build long-term relationships with their customers. We test advertising and study audience responses to various media. We measure public opinion around the globe.
  • Partnering with Ipsos in Hong Kong – At Ipsos we recognize that clients require not just data from us but the ability to analyze the output and to integrate it into their decision making processes. We understand the dynamics of your market and we deliver the insights needed to bring clarity and focus to even the most complex consumer issues.


Our Values

  • Client-focused: Service-minded, with a strong service mentality, and a “do what it takes” attitude
  • Competent: Deliver what they say they will, on schedule, and get it right first time
  • Passionate about research: Solve business problems, how to apply learnings from data and are knowledgeable about Ipsos tools
  • Team players: Collaborative, find wins for Ipsos and help colleagues
  • Accountable: Focused on business objectives, exceed expectations, and are driven to succeed
  • Flexible: Open-minded and adaptable to change, not only process-driven
  • Entrepreneurial: Willing to take risks, creative and innovative. Together, we will make Ipsos a research leader to understand the world.

Ipsos Client Charter

Our mission is to be our clients’ preferred research partner in our chosen areas of specialisation. To achieve this, we will do our utmost to provide you with the right people, in the right place, at the right time in order to build a long-term relationship with you:

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About HK

Ipsos in Hong Kong, part of the Ipsos Group, is a leading HK research company with global reach. We specialise in researching Advertising (brand equity and communications); Loyalty (customer and employee relationship management); Marketing (consumer, retail & shopper and healthcare); MediaCT (media, content and technology) , Social & political research and Reputation research.

Senior Team

Focus on Quality

As a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Society), with the agreement of abiding by the ICC/ ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research,  Ipsos in Hong Kong sets stringent standard for all areas of survey studies and under Quality Control system we are assured of the very best data quality provided to our clients.

Corporate Responsibility

We’re committed to making a positive difference in the world by reducing our environmental impact and contributing to local communities.

Learning & Development

We pride ourselves on creating bespoke, continuous learning and development programmes for all our employees through an online university, weekly training and on-going opportunities to learn on the job.