The Millennial Influence in Asia – 2017

the millennial influenceMillennials are coming of age – the oldest of them are hitting the peak of their economic productivity and their greatest purchasing power. Meanwhile the youngest are exploiting technology in ways we never anticipated, and contending with the economic realities of a world that appears to have faltered in its previously inexorable progress. Their choices, their behaviours and their concerns will profoundly shape developments across every spectrum of business and commerce, and nowhere more so than in the way they move and exchange their money. The first phase of our research focused on the US. We then looked at Europe, and now we are examining the views and behaviours of millennials in South East Asia. Our purpose is to understand how millennials feel about the way they move money – how they pay and how they are paid – and, in particular, to take their temperature with regards to mobile payments, the next major development in banking and one in which they are heavily invested.


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