Make your Brand Rock-5 Tips to Rock your Communications

makeyourbrandrockIt has never been tougher for brands to touch and move people. We all experience it. Globalisation has resulted in multiplying brands. With digitisation, more content is developed for more channels. New channels open every day – outdoors, in our pockets, even on our fridges – through smartphones, connected screens and the Internet of Things. People are bombarded with thousands of branded messages every day, and pay less and less attention. They skip, fast forward, and multitask more and more.

To succeed, brand communications must reinvent itself to even get a chance to earn people’s attention. They need to rock. Literally.

How can you make your brand rock? Here are five lessons Ipsos has learned from investigating successful – and not so successful – brand communications.

  1. Give your brand a rock band
  2. Create a hit for your brand!
  3. Great rock bands jam
  4. Idols are contagious
  5. The brand is the voice


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