Chinese Family Parenting Report 2016

1. PictureBabytree, China’s largest and most popular maternal-child service platform, has released the Chinese Family Parenting Report. For the 2016 edition, Babytree worked with Ipsos to produce the report.

The purpose of the report is to collect points of view on hot conception and parenting topics from the most representative mothers in China, so as to provide valuable and scientific reference for the community, guidance to parenting, and research data for relevant agencies.


Key findings:

  • Nearly half of pregnant mothers were born in the 1990s, a significant increase vs 2014
  • The ‘maternal crowd’ mainly buy maternal-child products via online channels
  • More than half already have or plan to have a second child
  • Nearly 80% of parent are interested in ‘scientific parenting’ i.e. education methods, knowledge learning and intelligence building

The report is now available for download.


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