Ad of the Month: The Power of Music

peanutsSome ad jingles are among the most contagious tunes ever produced. I recently re-discovered an old ad for 金龜萬里望花生 (Sze Hing Loong Ladybird roasted & salted peanuts), the jingle from which had been looping in my head for a while, its catchy rhythm and simple lyrics still linking me back to the brand after such a long time.

So many ads include jingles nowadays but for most, we’re just unable to recall or even notice their existence.  Yet in this advert, the music is impossible to miss and for one main reason: in this case, the music represents an integral part of the ad and it tells, or rather sings, the story of the ad.

If the quality or the style of the ad in today’s world could arguably be seen as outdated, the memory is evoked each time this music is playing.  The emotion created by the music together with the visual makes the overall experience both sweet and light-hearted – itself matching the key moments & features of snack consumption.  Doesn’t matter that some of these ads are 20-30 years old, they are still doing the job, still telling the story.

So often used to just ‘fill space’, music, when used as an integral part of an ad, becomes a powerful tool which will leave a lasting impression on its viewers.  So while the success of an ad is built up by many factors certainly music has a key place in it – especially when it comes to building everlasting memories.

Maybe some of you are already singing along while watching this ad.  So don’t be shy and sing out loud!!  

~金龜嘜萬里望花生 少少鹹, 多多脆~

By Rachel Loh
Project Director, Ipsos Connect – Hong Kong

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article/publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent official policy or position of IPSOS or of its clients.

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